Why QBS?

Many state and local governments, as well as private industry, have followed the lead of the federal government in the procurement of consulting engineering services based on Qualifications Based Selection. In 1972, the US Congress recognized the merits of compensation based on qualifications and established as federal law a policy that engineers are to be selected on the basis of competence and unique abilities for each project and at a fair and reasonable price. In addition, the American Bar Association has endorsed this Qualification Based on selection and negotiation process in it’s "Model Procurement Code for State and Local Governments".

Remember that Qualifications Based Selection does not mean that you cannot negotiate a fair and reasonable price for services. It does however, mean that price is negotiated after competent professionals are selected by you. Most important, it means that our buildings, bridges, roadways and wastewater treatment facilities will be designed in the most competent and cost effective manner, not only for today, but also for the future.