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Part of ACEC’s objective is to advocate for member firms at the state and national level. ACEC supports this objective through communication with members, testifying at legislative commitiees, communicating with elected officials and supporting the election campaigns of officials holding positions influential to policy having a direct impact on member firms.

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Key Issues

  • Business Tax
  • Agency Procurement
  • QBS
  • Risk Management
  • STEM Education
  • Project Delivery Rules
  • Workforce Needs
Where to get answers to your questions:

ACEC North Dakota Central Office
701.223.5838 (National) (State)




Q: What is a PAC (Political Action Commitiee?
A: ACEC North Dakota State PAC is the consulting engineering industry's primary tool for political engagement at the state level. Supported by engineering professionals from across the state who work for member firms, the sole purpose of ACEC/PAC is to help elect candidates to the ND House of Representatives and Senate who support policies and legislation favorable to the engineering industry. Historically we have focused our state contributions only on races that are up in the current election cycle. Then supporting only those legislative races in which the incumbent candidate is either in a leadership position or chair of a commitiee that hears legislation of interest to our member firms. Our support is truly bi‐partisan and is focused on key legislative races and the occasional statewide race for Public Service Commissioners. While the goal of the PAC is to have access and increased influence with legislators in both political parties, a perfect balance of contributions to each is not possible given the current make‐up of the 2 houses. As a result, caucus fundraisers need to be in the mix to help balance our efforts. During the past election cycle, we made numerous campaign contributions to key races and supported various caucus fundraisers during the session. To keep that prominence and be ever‐present in legislator’s eyes we will continue to participate in caucus fundraisers/outings during the interim. This overall strategy and your continued support have increased our access tremendously.


Q: What types of issues do PAC candidates support?
A: In reviewing eligible candidates, ACEC North Dakota seeks to find candidates who support investing in and preservation of our state’s critical infrastructure needs, including transportation, water, energy, buildings, airports, parks, and communication systems. Beyond those, a well‐maintained infrastructure is the backbone of all sectors in a healthy and vibrant economy. As a result, ACEC North Dakota advocates for predictable, sustainable, infrastructure support and consistent policies across all North Dakota state agencies. ACEC/ND supports equal and unfetiered access to all forms of mainstream project delivery methods available to all forms and character of public infrastructure projects. Statutory authority that authorizes and directs the Project Owner to select the Delivery Method and provide administrative oversight that is based on definitions and governance principals set forth by performance, rather than prescriptive, criteria will ensure that the innovations of designers and constructors can be applied to achieve the best possible outcomes for the public’s benefit. In addition, ACEC seeks candidates who support investment in STEM related education in ND. STEM education provides students with a well‐rounded foundation of (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills to help them understand a wide range of concepts and thrive in the engineering industry and support a future of leaders in the field. Finally, ACEC North Dakota seeks candidates who assist firms in the face of the COVID‐19 pandemic. This includes designation as an essential worker, fairness in PPP loan forgiveness, and recovery packages for businesses.


Q: How do I donate?
A: ACEC North Dakota appreciates your support. To contribute to the PAC please donate online or mail a check to the PO Box below. Remember, it must be a personal check made payable to ACEC/ND PAC. Currently, the state of North Dakota doesn’t permit corporate contributions to PACs.
PO Box 7370
Bismarck, ND 58507