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Stanley Consultants, Inc.

600 South 2nd Street
Bismarck, North Dakota  58504

Contact: Vance N. Hanson, PE

Phone Number: 801-558-0992





Disciplines: Architectural, Civil, Communications, Computer Applications, Construction Management, Electrical, Environmental, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Industrial, Materials Handling, Mechanical, Structural, Surveying, Wastewater, Water

Activities Narrative: Consultants in engineering (all branches), environmental, and construction services. Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction Management and Design/Build Ventures. Areas of expertise include civil, drainage, flood studies, structures, traffic and transportation, menhanical and electrical engineering. Specific transportation capabilities include roadway/highway design, traffic analysis and transportation planning, traffic signal and lighting design, corridor and environmental impact reports. Specific mechanical/electrical capabilies encompas power generation, cogeneration, transmission, distribution, and substations; central heating/cooling plant and distribution; industrial ventilation and building mechanical/electrical systems; instrumentation and controls; telecommunication/data systems; and energy conservation.